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Just thought it would be useful to use this section to discuss management of the website as there are 3/4 moderator/administrators.  Personally I think that members only should be able to view and edit forum posts (you can set each forum topic with permissions) to enable members to discuss private information confidentially.  Other members can be added as "Limited" members and i believe this means they can view documents and links but not forum posts or edit anything.  What about moderators/administrators ? should families of rs be added as this so they can add documents etc? I have attached definitions of members permissions.


Can access all main editing features for your site including creating, editing and deleting pages, posting content, and managing members. Admins CANNOT modify the privileges of the site owner or other admins, and they cannot modify the site email or password.


Can delete comments and posts by members and visitors.


Typically are allowed to comment and post comment. You can restrict or enable their ability to post content (like new photos) through the .Settings. buttons on your apps.

Limited Members:

Typically can only comment on things.

You can choose what each group can do on a per page and per app basis. For example, you can choose to restrict posting to your Blog to only Administrators or Moderators. Each of your apps (like the photo gallery, blog, video gallery, etc.) has a .Settings. page where you can enable and disable features for your members.

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